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Secure and retain the attention of your audience through interactive video live shows and customized trivia games.


We know how hard it is to build a strong community around your brand. And if you are part of a company that knows and understands the value of a community

you have spent months and years and energies building your audience;

you face challenges activating and keeping your big community engaged, and turning your fans and followers into customers.

We get you! We have developed our solutions to meet your needs. Palco will help you to create that kind of strong community with a deep sense of belonging when you build and engage with your audience in a new way.

Attention is the new currency.
Palco helps you get it.

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Why choose to partner with Palco?


Palco innovates the entertainment industry by helping your company get and retain the attention of your audience through interactive video live shows and custom trivia games.


Supercharge your engagement. We create content and technology designed to improve and enhance audience engagement.


Understand your audience. We use machine-learning to analyze audience interactions and help your company learn more about your community.


Build a stronger community. We'll help you create a deep sense of belonging to convert followers into loyal customers.

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We provide the tools you need to drive engagement within your community. Let's create content that delivers real engagement on a daily basis.

Trivia Game.

Our white-label trivia game can be customized from top to bottom for your brand. Use general-purpose questions, or allow us to produce tailor-made questions for your target audience. Appeal to a global community by featuring multiple language options (English, French, Italian, Spanish, German). Tell us what you need and we'll take care of it.

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Interactive Video Live Shows.

Our interactive video live shows platforms gives your audience the chance to control the content they see. Create a live interactive video show, from gameshows to cooking or dating shows, and many others. Our production and show writers team will help produce the right content for your needs and activate your audience.

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Make the most of your data with a sprinkle of MAGIQ. Our machine learning-based platform allows you to deep profile your audience for greater insights. Segment your community and create groups based on interests, demographics, or any other filter and import the data into your CRM to amplify your marketing activities.

Your Trivia Game in three steps.

Choose the best plan for you, from basic to full customization for your brand. Keep content creation in house or allow us to take care of the questions. Then load your graphic assets and you're almost there.


Access our trivia platform. Schedule your trivia games, or ask us to manage it for you. You’ll be able to buy question packages created only for you or buy general-purpose questions, and even choose the languages you need.


Embed your game on your social media, website, landing page or mobile app. Start engaging with your audience, generate leads and activate your community.

We are Palco. Activate your community and gain direct access to all of your engagement data. Learn more about your audience, build better relationships with them, and supercharge your marketing campaigns.

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