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The Future of Video Entertainment

Innovation has been the backbone of the tech industry since its inception, as innovators and entrepreneurs continually change the way we work, communicate, and entertain ourselves. However, in the video entertainment industry, this forward-thinking mentality has faltered in recent years as giants like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have led the charge when it comes to streaming content to people’s TVs and computers.

A Personal Approach
Over time, video has created a lot of really cool experiences for us. And because video is so prevalent in our daily lives, it’s likely that it will continue to become more immersive and interactive in ways we haven’t thought of yet.

The Video Industry Didn’t Innovate itself in the Past 40 Years
What Should it Do? - Some people may argue that there hasn’t been a lot of innovation in video entertainment over the past 40 years. Yet, we are living in an age where disruption is easy and relatively fast—it doesn’t have to take decades for something to become obsolete. But those changes aren’t happening as much with video entertainment.

How Will We Watch Movies and TV Shows
According to a new report from business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, consumers are changing how they watch videos. On-demand video and streaming services will be in high demand over traditional TV and movies. This means that both companies that are producing entertainment as well as those who are supplying them will need to change their methods to keep up with consumer demands. While people may think that television isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, probably the TV experience will change a lot in the coming years.

How Will Advertisers Reach Viewers?
As television shows have migrated from standard programming to on-demand content and web series, advertisers haven’t yet figured out how to best reach viewers. For example, what happens when they want to promote a new product or service? Will they start buying ad space on these smaller productions or stick with traditional TV channels? The challenge is figuring out how to reach viewers and deliver an effective message. This poses an obstacle for future video entertainment, but it also presents a huge opportunity for advertisers who figure it out first.

The future of Live TV Shows
As technology continues to march on, viewers will come to expect a more interactive experience when they watch TV. Streaming services like Netflix have already changed how we consume movies and television shows, with users more likely to binge-watch an entire season than wait week-to-week for an episode. This same idea will evolve into live shows as well. Instead of watching only live sporting events, viewers will expect to be able to interact with different elements on screen as they occur, in real time.

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Created on
February 20, 2022
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