Interactive video

How does Trivia Game works?

Our entry-level product, the customized trivia game, acts in two ways.

In terms of engagement it gives to our customers the ability to have a new content, a new game each single day of the year, giving a reason to their audience to come back on the website / app / social media domain to attend the customized trivia game on a daily basis, without having to post empty and meaningless content every day.

The other way is about learning more about the audience. Thanks to MAGIQ we are able to apply machine learning to the users interactions and conduct a deep profiling activity to the audience. Your company will have access to a dashboard where you can group users based on their interest, demographics, skills in answering questions, and import this data to their CRM to create better and more powerful marketing campaigns.

How does Palco helpscompanies that have a Live Show/an OTT?

We know that OTT companies struggle with gaining returning audience, their only mean to leverage on audience is content, and content can be found anywhere, at the end is only a matter of acquiring the trending content, therefore, a matter of money.

Thanks to our interactive video live shows, your company will be able to offer to your audience a different entertainment experience that mixes casual gaming and video entertainment. Casual gaming dynamics are our focus. People keep playing a casual game on their phone because they like the experience, it is not a matter of trending. We apply the same dynamics to video entertainment, turning our video live shows into a casual gaming experience.

How to get your customized interactive Live Video Show.

Let’s sit and discuss the kind of show you would like to create. You can leverage our team for the video production, or you want you can let your team take care of it. There are some shows in our catalog that might be already suitable for you, or if you prefer, we can customize completely your show. Let’s see how many episodes you want to create, for how many weeks, and let’s take it from there.

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